Beware of This Sign – Your Heart Is Not Functioning Right!

A study and closer analysis made by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention came up with the following statistic. Out of the total death’s in the USA, yearly, a 610,000 people die from heart related problems. That’s alarming!

So, the Center alarmed the people of the USA, men and women equally, today more attention to the sings their body is signalizing. Here are some of the most obvious ones.

Pain in the arm

Especially pay attention to sudden pain that strikes your left arm, starting from the shoulder and going further down to the whole arm.

On the other hand, some women experienced elbow pain just before the heart attack. This is due to the “travelling pain” mechanism. The pain from the internal organs travels to the surface, and because many nerves from the heart are directly connected to the arms, the pain strikes there first. 

Extreme levels of stress and anxiety

People who suffer throughout their whole lives from stress and anxiety are more likely to have a heart attack than the people with “calm nerves”.

Some of the effects that anxiety have on your health and body are increased blood pressure, tachycardia and decreased heart rate. These are all very bad for your blood circulation and the health of your heart. Try some techniques, like yoga, calming tea, massages to ease the stress away.

Swollen ankles and feet

If you’re pregnant, this is normal. But swollenness around the ankles and feet is a sign of an unhealthy heart, because when the heart is not pumping right, the fluids leak out to the surrounding tissues.

Legs and feet are the most common places, due to the Earth’s gravity. This can be another separate disease called peripheral edema, but this sign is definitely not something you should ignore in both cases.

Nausea and lack of appetite

The reason for this is again the build up of fluids. When the heart is not pumping right, fluids can also build up around the liver and intestines, ending up with malfunction in the digestion process. Experiencing abdominal pain together with the loss of appetite is a definite sign that you should pay your doctor a visit.

Fainting or losing consciousness

This is a very common sign and it’s due to the loss of oxygen in the blood and the brain, because your heart is not pumping out properly.

Skin rashes

A project conducted by The Journal of the American College of Cardiology showed that “people who have eczema have a 48% possibility of suffering from high blood pressure and a 29% possibility of having high cholesterol.

Additionally, those people who have shingles are 59% more likely to have a heart attack than people who don’t suffer from this condition”.

A cough that won’t go away

Though there are multiple various reasons for a cough, persistent coughing, that is also followed by a pinkish liquid or even blood is a very likable sign of heart failure. If you also experience sudden breath losses, it’s definitely time to see the doctor.

Pale skin

Reduced blood flow also manifests with paleness in the skin, due to the reduced blood flow and the decreased number of red blood cells.

Though these symptoms aren’t a “must have” for every person with a heart disease, they are still some of the most common warning signs on which you should pay more attention to. 

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