12 Things Women Do That Men Find Deeply Annoying

Women always have a string of complaints against their male partners on a range of things, from his messy room to forgetting the day they first drank water together. Sure, men are borderline idiotic, but women can really get on their nerves.

For women who want to know which of their habits qualify as annoying, here’s a list:

1. Her habit of asking his opinion on how she looks every time she wears a new dress or while going out with him on a date. The poor man is caught in a trap because no matter what he says, she’s not going to believe it.

2. Her habit of constantly talking and especially telling him too much about her friends, their secrets, their partners and what great couples they are. Men find this annoying because they don’t have anything to do with these secrets about her friends.

3. Men usually hate it when a woman refuses to give any suggestion even when asked for one, such as for ordering a dessert or picking a film but don’t hesitate to criticize them if the dessert turns out to be bad.

4. It’s damn annoying when women stay quiet and deny anything’s wrong when they’re pissed off. They somehow expect the men to read their minds and understand what the reason behind their bad mood is.

5. No one likes to be compared to their partner’s ex. But women usually do this, especially when they’re excited or upset about a similar situation they may have encountered in their previous relationship.

6. Women tend to be or act suspicious about their partner’s actions. It could be for something as simple as a night out with friends or a meeting with a female colleague.

7. Men just hate it when women share everything about their sex life with their girlfriends. How can a man feel comfortable knowing there are other women out there who know what goes on in the bedroom?

8. Women constantly pester the guy to save money or to invest in something for their future. But then, they turn around and say, “you don’t need to work this hard, you’ve your whole life left ahead of you to make money.”

9. Women never hesitate before passing a judgment about his friends and telling him that he’s spending too much time drinking with his friends and wasting away all the money.

10. Making an anniversary out of everything, whether it’s the first time you held hands, the first date or the first kiss, and making a big issue out of it if he happens to forget these days.

11. Trying to cuddle or kiss him when he’s trying to work on an important project or when he’s on a call with a client can be exasperating.

12. No matter how and where the argument started, women don’t shy away from bringing up the past and pointing all the mistakes to make the men feel guilty.

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