Your Face Shape Determines Your Approach To Life

Everyone is different in many ways, and the facial shape is no exception here. Like many other things, this is something that’s inherited from our parents or close ancestors, so you can say it’s predetermined in a way.

But different people have different tendencies in life and scientists were surprised to find a correlation between people’s facial shapes and their personality and character, or just generally their approach in life.

Are you curious to find out about yours? Read below:

#1: Diamond Shape

Diamont shaped face people are usually curt and rude when they don’t get the things they want or when things don’t go the way they want. They are adventurous and love exploring. They’re perfectionist, very thorough and that’s what makes them good at what they do almost with no exception.

#2: Heart Shape

People with a heart-shaped face have high emotional intelligence almost exclusively, but they can also be really stubborn at times and they tend to be extremely opinionated, which sometimes is making them unpleasant to other people.

#3: Rectangular Shape

People with rectangular-shaped faces are logical and orderly. They like things to go the way they planned them and they have a high intellect. They’re excellent at making plans and organizing things.

#4: Square Shape

Square-faced people are consistent and firm, mother figures, they like balance, but they can start fights sometimes. They’re intimidating and confident, but also very sweet at first glance. They don’t have a problem making hard decisions in life.

#5 Round Shape

The round-faced ones are amazing empaths. Very emotional, very thoughtful of other people’s feelings. Generous and give in emotionally. There is no one better than you if someone’s looking for a lasting partner and a fruitful relationship.

#6 Oval Shape

This is one of the most common face shapes and such people are usually subtle, neutral about many things that are happening in their life. They have flexible opinions and hate conformity and rules.

#7 Angular Shape

People with angular faces can’t easily make a choice, so they tend to overthink things. They can be judgmental with people, especially when choosing a partner.

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