You Need To Stop Putting Toilet Paper Down On Public Toilet Seats Immediately

Nature calls! You gotta go – and you are not at home! Oh, nuts! Well, most of us will take a moment to pile the toilet paper on the toilet seat thinking that will protect us from harmful bacteria – well, actually, not so much! The toilet seats themselves, do not allow bacteria to grow on them. In the stall, the germs get spread around when the toilet is flushed.

They will attach to the door handle, the walls, the toilet paper dispenser, and the toilet paper! The germs settle onto the paper – and then we use it to wipe our faces and blow our noses! Yikes! Public restrooms are festering with bacteria – even the sink and air dryers.

The Journal of Applied Microbiology published a report that said the majority of bacteria is spread around when you flush or use the electronic hand dryers.

The air from the hand dryers is clean but, while the hand dryers are drying your hands, the force of the air also blows the bacteria and viral particles up into the air. The air is circulated around the room and contaminates almost everything!

Low mounted air dryers will often collect water that drips off people’s hand – that water is infested with bacteria. Paper towels are the better option when it comes to everyone’s health!

Your best bet is always to have some hand sanitizer or even baby wipes with you in case of nature calls when you are away from home!

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