Waitress Who Was Denied Customer’s $2,000 Tip Has Money Paid By Boss

After being inundated with abuse, the restaurant boss decided to pay the waitress the money she was previously given as a tip.

Media can have a strong influence and shape the way we perceive events and people in our society. Their power has been proved a million times before. This time, after sharing her story with a local news network, one woman corrected the injustice she experienced.

After being publicly criticized, the boss of a Texas waitress gave her the money from the$2000 tip she previously failed to receive.

Namely, Emily Bauer, 21, was working at Red Hook Seafood and Bar in San Antonio, when she was given the huge tip from an unidentified male customer. However, at the end of the shift, her bosses denied to give her the money, claiming that they could not process tip amounts larger than $500.

The mom-of-two then told her story to a local news network, and since then, the restaurant has been severely criticized by the public.

However, the establishment’s owner, John Cheng, had a different theory of the story. He said that the customer’s card had declined, so he couldn’t pass the $2000 gratuity on to Bauer.

Yet, several days later, he decided to resolve the issue and pay the woman $2000 out of his own pocket.

He said:

‘It’s Christmas time, and everybody is struggling.  ready to give it to her as a Christmas gift.’

  • Even though she was previously denied to get the money, after days of criticism, Texas waitress Emily Bauer has been given $2000 by her employer
  • The mom-of-two was shocked when she received the check. Apart from the tip, the mysterious man also left a sweet message wishing Bauer a merry Christmas
  • The incident occurred at the at Red Hook Seafood and Bar in San Antonio (pictured)
  • Restaurant owner John Cheng claims he has decided to pay Bauer $2000 of his own money as a ‘Christmas gift’

Restaurant management explained they have been inundated by abuse, as people believed they have stiffed Bauer out of the money on purpose. One employee said that they had ‘zero customers’ all day due to the entire thing.

Therefore, the restaurant management decided to write a Facebook post and prove that the $2000 gratuity never went through on their system.

It read:

‘Let me say the gentleman’s card would not let us post [process] the tip.

We tried multiple times, Emily tried, managers tried… Visa could not force a $2000 tip on his card, it was invalid then later declined. We cannot charge a card $500 four times it’s impossible and it’s a fraud.’

They added that the man who had left the tip called to check if the waitress received the money:

‘The Gentleman called after he left that evening asking if Emily would be able to receive her tip he was told by management that the tip would NOT process and if he could come by & pay her in cash or a check written out to her he said ‘ok’ then hung up quickly.’

Emily later said:

“The fact that the owner of my job is willing to give it to me, even though it wasn’t his mess-up, I can’t thank him enough for that.”

  • In a Facebook Post, the restaurant management claims the man’s credit card declined the $2000 tip

The identity of the generous man remains a mystery, so it now seems to many that he had played a prank by writing the enormous sum on the bill.

Over the weekend, he left the once-in-a-lifetime tip after Emily kept apologizing for the service “being slow.” She explained that he understood her, as he has owned restaurants.

Yet, she was shocked to see the $2,000 tip on top of a $69.01 bill, along with the note:

 “Merry Christmas! Keep working hard!”

As her boyfriend got laid off due to the COVID-19 pandemic, she said that she wanted to spend all the money on Christmas presents for her two sons, a 2-year-old and a 5-month-old, and added:

“We had such a rough year. I was praying for something like that happening.”

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