The 9 essential habits before and after sex

The rules of hygiene of the genitals before and after having sex is a very naughty topic for conversation. Virtually no woman discusses them when visiting a gynecologist. This is not entirely true, because following the rules of hygiene before and after having sex, you can prevent possible unwanted complications in the field of gynecology.

Daily care is the main condition for the health of the female reproductive system. In addition to the shower and the standard washing after coition, doctors recommend the use of condoms, if the ultimate goal of intima is not conception.

It is important to remember that conventional cosmetic and detergents are not intended for delicate areas. They contain a high pH level, which is harmful to intimate gentle areas. Today we offer you to look at 9 essential habits before and after sex:

#1. Wash your hands. You need to do this procedure before and after having sex. Do not forget about this.

#2. Clean up down there. This will help you prevent from bacteria multiplying in your intimate zone.

#3. Avoid fancy lotions and perfumes. Mild soap and water are the best and the safest ideas to clean your genitals.

#4. Use the bathroom. This is a necessary procedure to avoid problems in this area.

#5. Swish some mouthwash. You need to clean your mouth if you had any oral actions. Otherwise, bacteria can get inside your body.

#6. Swap your undies. If you have such an opportunity, put on fresh underwear every time after having sex.

#7. Note any discomfort. If you have any painful sensations or other discomfort feelings, do not be silent about them. Write them down and then discuss with your gynecologist.

#8. Soap up your accessories. You need to clean all accessories and toys you use during sex.

#9. Change your sheets. This will prevent from bacteria getting on your body. Try to wash your sheets after every sexual encounter.

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