Say Goodbye to Blackheads on Your Face With Only 2 Ingredients

Many women around the world have been obsessed with cleaning and skin care. No wonder, since the first thing we notice in a person is the face. By the look of it, more than 90% of people draw conclusions on other people personality in their community and beyond.

Our Face’s Sensitivity is ‘Fragile’

Our face can become very sensitive to many factors, such as sun exposure, climate change or dirty environment that can greatly damage our appearance.

If we do not take care for the skin of our face and do not nourish it soon we can get wrinkles and even signs of premature aging! This is one of the main reasons why women use thousands of daytime and night creams, or they continue with many different treatments just to get the proper care.

Wrong: Chemicals creams are always a woman’s first choice

But very few really know what the different commercial products contain and are unaware that 90% of the products are full of chemicals and should be avoided.

How to remove blackheads from facial skin?

The right solution is to achieve a natural natural treatment that will allow you to regain the excellent look of your face on your face for a short period of time. We offer you a mask of completely natural products that you already have at home.

Say goodbye to blackheads - mesoestetic

Homemade remedy for blackheads: coconut & sodium Bicarbonate

The recipe we will provide is actually a cleansing mask containing 2 simple natural products: coconut oil and sodium bicarbonate.

The cleaning mask is easy to prepare, provides amazing effects and does not contain hazardous chemicals like other products. Can be used for all skin types. Feel free to use it and do not be afraid of side effects because there are no side effects.

What this mask heals?

This cleansing mask can treat acne, dirt, scars, fats, wrinkles, redness and dead skin. Bicarbonate is part of the mask because of the ability to restore the required pH, in other words, to speed up the cure, and coconut oil is there because of its curative properties and because it can moisturize the skin.

These two ingredients blended together make a perfect combination for facial skin care. To know how to apply the mask, however, you need to know your skin type.

Preparation and appliance

The method of preparation requires mixing the 2 ingredients well, and if you can not mix them or it’s difficult, just add a little hot water. The mixture is used as a mask, gently rub the desired areas, leave for a few minutes on your face and then wash it with lukewarm water.

If you have sensitive skin, you should apply a ratio of coconut oil and bicarbonate to 2: 1, and if you want to get deep exfoliation treatment, just use the ratio 1:1.

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