Read People Like Books With These 12 Psychological Tricks

You most probably have at some point in your life wondered if it is possible for you to read other people’s minds. Some people rely on their intuition and call it mind-reading, but if you are not among the perceptive ones, there is just one thing left that you can do: learn to read people’s body language.

We all know by now that we get over 55% of information about people through nonverbal communication and Allan Pease, a body language expert from Australia, says that the mimics, gestures and other movements can tell so much about a person.

Well, it’s about time we teach you some of them:

1. Closing the eyes

If someone closes their eyes while talking to you, they are trying to hide from the outside world. It doesn’t mean that that particular person is scared of you, but they are actually trying to get rid of you – they might be tired of you. And if they close their eyes, you disappear!

2. Covering the mouth with a hand

This is an excellent reminder of our childhood. Remember when you covered your mouth whenever you didn’t want to say something? This is part of the adult life too, it somehow managed to stick around. Covering our mouths helps us not to release the words we don’t want to say. Sometimes this gesture is disguised by fake coughing.

3. Biting the arms of their glasses

Do you see someone biting the handles of their glasses? Or, to be fair, biting on a pencil, a pen, a cigarette, and even chewing gum indicates more or less the same thing – concern. Try to support them or cheer them up because they are most likely worried about something at a subconscious level.

4. Presentation of the face

Generally speaking, this is a gesture that people (mostly females) use to attract people of the opposite sex. When we put our chins on our hands, we present our faces as a way for the other person to enjoy as much as they want.

5. Rubbing the chin

It almost always indicates that people are trying to make a decision about something.

6. Crossed arms

People feel very comfortable in this position because this helps them isolate in a way from other people. We use this gesture when something irritates us. Crossed arms are a clear sign that a person is not feeling good about something.

7. Fixing the appearance

This means that the woman has some interest in a man.

8. Leaning forward

When you want to make contact with a person you like, you will lean forward. In this position, the legs can be immobile, but the body moves forward intuitively.

9. Leaning back

Leaning back on the chair means that that person is tired of the conversation.

10. Swinging from heels to toes

This is a pure sign of anxiety about something.

11. Rubbing hands

This means that the person is thinking about something positive and has good expectations about the future.

12. “Glove” handshake

If someone takes your wrist with their free hand when shaking your hand, it means they can be trusted.

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