How to impress a man and get him to like you

5 Must-Dos on How To Impress a Man

There are five main groups of things that attract men and impress them.

However, I should tell you these attraction traits will work only if the guy you try to impress is really worth it. If you went through the 5 points and he rejected you instead of starting a relationship with you – he didn’t have the purest intentions towards you. 

1. Dress to Impress

Physical attraction is a key point for every man out there… It’s a key point for women as well, by the way.

Why wouldn’t he want the woman he’s dating to look good? 

Dress to impress is tricky though. Following trends, shortening skirts and inappropriate clothes will give the wrong impression.

It might sound harsh, but never follow the trends!

Instead, go on and choose clothes that fit your personality, not his.

Don’t pick the little black dress because he would be amazed by your legs. Choose it because it’s appropriate for the place you go and it’s comfortable enough to forget you wear it. If you feel uncomfortable wearing something and you arrange the dress three times per minute, you lose your charm. 

For our first date with my fiancee, we chose to go to a Costa coffee. I was in jeans and a black blouse and I almost didn’t have makeup. However, I couldn’t care less about it. I was myself. It worked. I know many other times when I was dressing to impress men, and felt uncomfortable with my choices (of clothes and men… 🙂 ) Of course, if we were to go to a restaurant I would probably wear trousers or a skirt instead of jeans, but wouldn’t put anything unless it’s part of my dressing routine.

The most important thing about “dress to impress a man”, is to wear clothes that feel right for you, have a nice haircut and smell good. That’s all! Everything else is additional, and unless you’d do it for the rest of your life, I wouldn’t advise you to do it for this specific day.

2. Laugh at yourself

A pinch of self-irony and capability of laughing at your own silliness shows confidence and self-acceptance.

Men are so overwhelmed with low-esteemed girls who try to cover every inch of their face, body and personality they don’t like, that if you do only this of the five suggestions here, you will impress every man around you. 

No one is perfect and being comfortable with it is the most attractive thing nowadays.

I mean it. 

If you want to impress a man then don’t be perfect! 

Don’t be the doll you think every man would want. The guy who will commit to a serious relationship doesn’t expect you to be perfect. He needs you to be real and comfortable with yourself. This would mean you would be comfortable with his imperfections as well.

The other personality characteristic men love to see in a woman, is wit. The mental sharpness and keen intelligence are refreshing in this world of fake nails and fake wisdom, hidden behind smart facebook posts. 

Don’t be afraid to be a little bit ironic, to show a unique perception of the reality and to allow your knowledge to brighten up the conversation. Your wit could awe the other person, use it.

3. Set Boundaries

Most of us never pass the children’s stage of “trying the others’ boundaries”.

Men will always try to see where your boundaries lay.

If you don’t have any, they will use it… They will use you!

Steve Harvey talks a lot more about the boundaries women should set up at the very beginning of the relationship. His book Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man is one of my favourite love and relationship books. He says: 

“Your objective is to avoid being on a string. The first step, I think, is to get over the fear of losing a man by confronting him. Just stop being afraid, already. The most successful people in this world recognise that taking chances to get what they want is much more productive than sitting around being too scared to take a shot. The same philosophy can be applied to dating: if putting your requirements on the table means you risk him walking away, it’s a risk you have to take. Because that fear can trip you up every time; all too many of you let the guy get away with disrespecting you, putting in minimal effort and holding on to the commitment to you because you’re afraid he’s going to walk away and you’ll be alone again. And we men? We recognise this and play on it, big time.” 

Set up your boundaries. Don’t do, say or agree to anything if you don’t feel comfortable with it. Tell him if he crossed over your boundaries or makes you uncomfortable. Let him know if he offended you. Show him you won’t tolerate any type of mistreat. He will respect this. If he doesn’t – why bother dealing with him?

4. Show him you don’t need him

How to impress a man you want in your life if you don’t show him you need him?

First of all, you don’t need him!

I mean, really!

You don’t need anyone to be happy. If you feel lonely, depressed and you hope a partner in life could fix this, I’m about to disappoint you – He Won’t!

Been There, Done That, sister!

I was jumping from one ridiculous relationship to another, searching for someone to be my other half. And then I realised! I am not a half to need another half. I am a perfectly imperfect human being with dreams, goals, life, friends and unique personality no one else could copy. 

You too!

You would be happy having someone to share your life with, but you don’t need anyone to keep living your life fully.

Do you agree with that?

Shifting the perspective in the right direction will help you understand showing a man you don’t need him, has nothing to do with ignoring him, showing off or being arrogant when you talk.

I met my fiancee two months after I decided I don’t need anyone else to start being happy. If happiness is a feeling, I am the only master of my feelings. Therefore, I stopped expecting anyone else so I could start feeling happy. A simply listed the things I’d like to do with my life, I started doing them, and my life went in the most wonderful direction ever. I know it sounds way too simple, but it worked for me and let me tell you – doing it is everything else but simple.

I know, when women have a crush on someone, they put aside everything else about their life and spend a huge amount of time thinking about him, imagining how he would act with them, looking at his social media profiles, talking with friends about him, dreaming about him… The whole focus shifts on someone who hasn’t proved he deserves this focus. Life goes on with or without this specific man. Live the days for yourself, not for a stranger.

5. Show a genuine interest in him

As I said, the fact you don’t need him doesn’t mean you ignore him!

Once you have the chance to talk to the man you like, use it. Take full advantage on every opportunity to get to know him better. After all, he might turn out to be exactly what you want in your life.

Show genuine interest in the things you have in common. Start with the topics you share knowledge on, and let it flow from there. 

If he has a hobby you admire, ask him about it. 

Use his knowledge of making a choice you need help with. Men love it when a woman needs his opinion or help to take a decision. If you want to know how to impress a guy – find something he could help you with. 

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