Home Remedies for Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids can cause a plethora of problems in relation to bowel movement as well as general discomfort. And to be honest, no one in this world likes to feel constipated or have diarrhea. They are basically enlarged veins which are located either on the inside or outside the very culmination of the rectum. They appear due to an increased force on the pelvis or rectal veins.

The highest frequency of incidence due to hemorrhoids is bleeding while relieving oneself. This, in turn, can lead to itchiness as well as pain and general discomfort.

In addition to that, lifting large and heavy objects, pregnancy, obesity, and straining while relieving oneself can cause hemorrhoids too.

There are certain home remedies that can be undertaken to treat this problem. Those are:

It is necessary to ascertain that is indeed hemorrhoid. A hemorrhoid is generally a swollen area near the anal closure. However, it is not possible to feel internal hemorrhoids.  It is helpful to take baths in warm water or even a ‘sitz bath’, which is supposed to help relieve discomfort. Using one cup of Epsom salt is recommended in a generic full sized bath and up to 3 tablespoons when the water is just a few centimeters deep. It is ideal to do this several times during the day.

Wash a cotton wash and place it in water that is warm to soak. Then use that warm cotton wash to compress the area of the hemorrhoid infection for about 14 to 16 minutes. This can be done several times daily.Witch hazel can lessen the inflammation. Soak a cotton pad in witch hazel and place it on the inflamed area after going to the loo.Maintaining a clean anal area is very important, so it is a must to clean up after having relieved yourself every time. It is also a good idea to use baby wipes as a replacement for toilet paper as they are gentler.

Ice packs are also very good with helping compress the inflamed area. But it is advised not to compress it for more than 6 to10 minutes.It is also ideal to make certain lifestyle changes to prevent hemorrhoids:

  • Water is the key to all bodily functions, so it is vital to be well hydrated.
  • Fiber-rich foods are very good for smooth bowel movement.
  • Laxatives do more harm than good to the rectum as they weaken the bowel.
  • Exercises such as aerobics and yoga are very good. Even walking is ideal to ensure good circulation.
  • Try not to hold your bowel movements and have a consistent time to do it every day.

Hemorrhoids are definitely quite an ordeal and we hope these tips and remedies help you out. Stay healthy!

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