Here’s What It Means If These Two Lines On Your Palm Match

Palmistry is a thing, regardless of whether you believe in it or not – it even has its own Wikipedia page, and we know Wiki only includes facts.

Palmistry gives you hope and makes you believe that there is something more other than just lines on the palms, and more often than not, those simple sort-of predictions are actually true for most people. Scientists have been studying the lines on our palms for a while now and they came to realize that more often than not, the people who have some similarities in their palm lines, also have some similarities in their character.Look at your left palm. There’s a line that goes outwards, under your pinky finger. Same goes for your right hand. Some people call this line the “heartline” and it is said to point towards matters of the heart and how your love life would be like.

Now bring both your palms together, next to each other. You need to match them by the wrist. Now take a look at those lines. What do you see? Are they matching? Is one higher than the other? Which one?

Take a look at what these things mean:

Scenario 1: Perfect Match

Usually, people who are patient and kind have a perfect match. They’re concerned about the well-being of their partner, softhearted and they get hurt easily. These people are faithful and true to the people around them and they are usually surrounded by a lot of friends because people enjoy their selflessness.

Scenario 3: The Right Line Is Higher Than The Left Line

If the line on your right palm is higher than the line on your left palm, you’re most likely a very rational and practical person. You like logic and you stick by it for everything you approach in life. You don’t like to rush things and you like to take it slow. Usually, you end up winning in the end.

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