8 things every woman should and shouldn’t do after sex

What do you know about sex safety and hygiene? Probably that sex has to be consensual, well, safe, and uh oh! you probably should maintain your nether parts hygiene.

These are all correct, but do you know specific do’s and don’ts of intercourse? Because there are things you should think about prior to having sex, and after it, too, to keep the infections away.

#1. Visit the loo after having sex. Your warm and moist private area is the perfect environment for bacterial infections, and sex is the perfect way for the bacteria to get inside and multiply. Peeing helps wash out bacteria naturally.

#2. Hydration, hydration, hydration. Sex is a physical activity, right? Your body loses fluids, so make sure to re-hydrate. One or two glasses of water should be enough.

#3. Hot water bath is not your friend. Showering after sex is fine, but don’t fill that bathtub. Hot water stimulates the vagina to open up a tad more than usual, and this can create a gateway for infections.

#4. No soap. This one may come as a surprise, but soaps and shower gels won’t do much good to your vagina. Just water is fine, since your vagina has its own self-cleaning mechanism, and any cosmetic agents can affect the pH and cause irritation and dryness.

#5. Be mindful of what you consume post-sex. Forego that tempting chocolate ice-cream in favour of probiotics fermented foods are rich in. The good type of bacteria will help you fight a yeast infection.

#6. No wet wipes. When we don’t have an immediate access to a shower or running water, wet wipes always come in handy. Well, not always; just not after sex. Chemicals and fragrances in wet wipes can cause irritation to your intimate parts.

#7. Always let yourself dry off after you take a shower. Blow driving will do, too. Again, excess moisture and warmth is a breeding ground for infections, so make sure your private parts are not left moist before you put your panties on.

#8. Sexy lingerie doesn’t mean healthy lingerie. As mouth-watering as it looks, lingerie made of nylon, polyester or any other synthetic material is Not Good, since, instead of letting your skin breathe, it traps the bacteria inside. Choose cotton underwear instead.

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