10 Honest Signs Indicating That Your Partner No Longer Loves You

Relationships are hard, and it is not every day that we come across people who have stuck together through thick and thin. Although you might want stability and a long time commitment from your partner, it might be the farthest thing from their mind. And so, if you feel yourself worrying about your partner’s love for you, these 10 signs might help clear up the picture a little. If you feel that you can observe these signs in your partner, better to talk this through with them right away, instead of making horrible scenarios in your own head.

1. You feel that they no longer try to show you how much they love you.

Even though it is not common to have the same exaggerated gestures of first love, still complete and utter change is also not acceptable.

2. It seems that they always have something or the other occupying their mind.

Be it in the movies or your own home, you can feel that they are physically present and that’s about it. Instead of engaging with you and talking to you they are constantly preoccupied.

3. There have been quite a few awkward silences lately.

Not the kind where both of you are content in being around each other without speaking. But rather where you feel there is no point in talking because they won’t care.

4. They are constantly criticizing you and putting the blame on you for everything that goes wrong.

Instead of constructive criticism, now it seems like they are just too tired and can’t tolerate your mistakes anymore.

5. They also don’t support you.

You find yourself on your own in the best of the situations. And the worst case scenario is them being rude and annoyed at everything that you say or do.

6. They are spending an increasing amount of time in being away from home.

It is like those business trips and pool game with the boys are never going to end. And they never include you. If they are maintaining distance from you that means that they are slowly getting over you.

7. They never include you in their plans, whether short term or long term.

You are partners, this should imply that you undertake things together, but somehow they always forget to include you.

8. They no longer respect you and are often mean and disdainful towards you.

They no longer are for you and thus don’t mind how cruel and harsh their words would be for you. If they are constantly making you feel worthless, then it is definitely not healthy.

9. They no longer respond to you or give explanations for their erratic behavior.

They don’t care whether it makes you angry or sad; they no longer care about your mental peace and the stability of your relationship.

10. You find yourself hurting a lot more than you should and you hate yourself for not doing anything about it.

If you find yourself in such a conundrum it is best to figure all this out before it gets to you.

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